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Nonhaemorrhagic thalamic infarction. Clinical, neuropsychological and electrophysiological findings in four anatomical groups defined by computerized tomography.

Twenty-five patients with nonhaemorrhagic infarcts of the thalamus were studied clinically and by neuropsychological testing, computerized tomography and somatosensory evoked response (SER) recordings. Our aim was to determine whether the findings in these different tests would form distinct symptom clusters associated with different anatomical territories of the thalamus. Infarction conforming to the tuberothalamic arterial territory caused a facial paresis for emotional movements, severe neuropsychological deficits and a delay of the SER after P14. Infarction conforming to the interpeduncular profundus arterial territory caused a supranuclear vertical gaze paresis, severe neuropsychological deficits and a delay in the P60 component of the SER. Infarction conforming to the anterior choroidal territory caused a hemiparesis, moderate neuropsychological deficits and varied sensory evoked responses. Patients with infarctions conforming to the entire geniculothalamic territory had sensory loss in multiple modalities, minimal neuropsychological deficits and absence of sensory evoked responses after P14. A lacune in this territory caused pure hemisensory loss involving part of the body for the modalities of pain and light touch but not proprioception or vibration. Neuropsychological deficits were uncommon and N32 and N60 were delayed in the SER.[1]


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