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Disease relevance of Thalamus


Psychiatry related information on Thalamus


High impact information on Thalamus

  • Burst firing is thought to play an important role in the synchronized activity of the thalamus observed in absence epilepsy, but may also underlie a wider range of thalamocortical dysrhythmias [11].
  • I have compared the numbers of neurons in the visual thalamus (lateral geniculate nucleus; LGN) and area V1 across primate species [12].
  • T2 relaxation time measures in thalamus did not differ significantly between groups, and were not affected by methylphenidate [13].
  • Immunohistochemical staining showed that this nucleus is defined by a dense calbindin-positive fibre plexus in the macaque, so we applied the same staining method to sections of human thalamus [14].
  • Exclusively inhibitory action of iontophoretic acetylcholine on single neurones of feline thalamus [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Thalamus


Biological context of Thalamus


Anatomical context of Thalamus


Associations of Thalamus with chemical compounds

  • In contrast, addicts showed an increased response to methylphenidate in the thalamus (a region that conveys sensory input to the cortex) [29].
  • Inhibition and synchrony in slices from mice devoid of the gamma-aminobutyric acid type-A (GABAA) receptor beta3 subunit were examined, because in rodent thalamus, beta3 is largely restricted to reticular nucleus [30].
  • In infants 5 weeks of age and younger, glucose utilization was highest in the sensorimotor cortex, thalamus, midbrain-brainstem, and cerebellar vermis [31].
  • Lateralization of norepinephrine in human thalamus [32].
  • Purinergic inhibition of GABA and glutamate release in the thalamus: implications for thalamic network activity [33].

Gene context of Thalamus

  • Cortical size, lamination, thalamus, and thalamocortical pathfinding are normal in homozygous nestin-Emx2 mice [34].
  • Our results suggest that normal thalamocortical development requires the actions of Pax6 within the dorsal thalamus itself [35].
  • Furthermore, Dlx1 and Dlx2 are not expressed in the dorsal thalamus or in cortical projections neurons [36].
  • Reciprocal patterns of expression are found within the dorsal thalamus for the Gbx-2 and Wnt-3 genes [37].
  • Consequently, development of the dorsal and ventral thalamus and anterior pretectum requires cooperation between Emx2 and Otx2, whereas Emx2 expression is incompatible with development of the commissural region of the pretectum [38].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Thalamus


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