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Pasteurella multocida infection in the domestic rabbit: immunization with a streptomycin-dependent mutant.

Fourteen Pasteurella multocida-free rabbits were inoculated intranasally with a streptomycin-dependent mutant of P. multocida serotype 12:A. Vaccinations with approximately 10(8) colony forming units were done on days 0, 14 and 28. Two weeks later the animals were separated into groups, which included 12 rabbits divided into two control groups of six unvaccinated Pasteurella-free animals. Seven vaccinated rabbits were challenged intranasally with the homologous virulent parent strain and the other seven vaccinates were challenged with a virulent strain of serotype 3:A. Rabbits were necropsied two weeks later. The vaccinated group challenged with the parent strain showed a more rapid nasal clearance of the organism than the vaccinated group challenged with the heterologous strain. However, the number of positive cultures of P. multocida recovered from tissues post-challenge were similar in vaccinated and control animals. In a significant number of animals, vaccination with serotype 12:A induced detectable antibody production to somatic antigens of both 12:A and heterologous strain 3:A.[1]


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