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  • Male Wistar rats and male domestic rabbits received 14C- and/or 3H-labeled glucose intravenously, while the insulin preparations were administered by either the subcutaneous (s.c.) or the intravenous (i.v.) route [7].
  • Known CD1 genes are grouped into the following three families, on the basis of evolutionary relationship: (1) the human HCD1B gene and a partial sequence from the domestic rabbit, (2) the human HCD1A and HCD1C genes, and (3) the human HCD1D and HCD1E genes plus the two mouse genes and a sequence from the cottontail rabbit [8].
  • In addition, lithocholic acid was present as its sulfated amidate, whereas in the domestic rabbit, lithocholic acid was conjugated solely with glycine [9].
  • In adult domestic rabbits, the dominant bile acid present was deoxycholic acid (88% of total bile acids), a secondary bile acid formed by the bacterial 7-dehydroxylation of cholic acid [9].
  • The adult brush rabbit had a bile acid composition similar to that of the domestic rabbit, but about one-third of all bile acids were conjugated with taurine [9].

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