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Cell body responses to axonal injury: traumatic axotomy versus toxic neuropathy.

To compare the evolution of cell body responses to two different types of axonal injuries--sciatic nerve crush (axotomy) and chronic 2,5-hexanedione-induced neuropathy--we studied rat lumbar dorsal root ganglion neurons with light microscopy and morphometry. Compared with control neurons, axotomized cells showed early (1 day) increases in the frequencies of two responses, nuclear eccentricity and Nissl body displacement, and later (4 day) increases in average satellite cell nuclei and decreases in perikaryal diameters. In toxin-induced axonal degeneration, there were similar patterns of defined alterations, although the evolution progressed over weeks and the response magnitudes were smaller. We conclude that the two experimental conditions show basic morphologic similarities, implying cell body reorganization in toxic axonopathy may be a response to axonal dysfunction or degeneration.[1]


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