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Simplified plaque reduction neutralization assay for dengue viruses by semimicro methods in BHK-21 cells: comparison of the BHK suspension test with standard plaque reduction neutralization.

A newly modified semimicro plaque reduction neutralization test (PRNT) in BHK cells was compared with a standard PRNT in bottles with LLC-MK2 monolayers and with an LLC-MK2 PRNT adapted to semimicro methods. The BHK semimicro PRNT compared favorably in terms of sensitivity in detecting dengue antibody (96%), specificity at a screening dilution (95%), and ability to detect seroconversion to dengue viruses of three serotypes (93%). Disagreements between the BHK test and the LLC-MK2 tests were attributed to greater sensitivity of the BHK test in detecting dengue type 2 (DEN-2) antibody in acute-phase sera and to apparent low-level DEN-1/DEN-3 cross-reactions in some sera in all three tests. The BHK PRNT was easier, faster, and more economical than either of the LLC-MK2 tests. Many of the benefits of the BHK PRNT derive from the fact that cells are infected while still in suspension, at the time of cell splitting, hence the term "BHK suspension test."[1]


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