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A high resolution NMR study of localized dynamic and structural perturbations in human hemoglobin modified with thiol reagents.

The hydrogen exchange kinetics of the N delta H proton in His F8 of iodoacetamide- and N-ethylmaleimide-treated human deoxyhemoglobins were studied using a NMR method. Comparison with unmodified hemoglobin shows that the reagents, covalently bound to Cys beta 93, significantly increase (about one order of magnitude) the exchange kinetics in beta chains only. This effect was partially reversed by the strong allosteric effector inositol hexaphosphate. Study of the high resolution 400-MHz NMR spectra of modified oxy- and deoxy-hemoglobins permitted localization of the extent of chemically induced structural perturbations. The resonances corresponding to hydrogen bonds specific to the deoxy conformation are not changed, in accord with the preserved cooperativity. Under the experimental conditions (0.1 M bis-Tris, 10 mM Cl-, pH 7.2), the salt bridge at the C terminus of the beta chain in the deoxy state (His beta 146-Asp beta 94) is perturbed by both modifications. The His beta 146 appears to be rendered more immobilized by the reagents in the oxy conformation. From the resonances corresponding to heme pocket protons of oxyhemoglobin it is deduced that the perturbations do not extend over the distal side of the heme pocket but are limited to the FG, F, and HC segments of the beta chain.[1]


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