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Genetic regulation of coumarin hydroxylase activity in mice. Biochemical characterization of the enzyme from two inbred strains and their F1 hybrid.

Hydroxylation of coumarin to 7-hydroxycoumarin by liver microsomes from control or phenobarbital-pretreated mice is 5- to 10-fold higher in the DBA/2J strain compared to the AKR/J strain, while activities of nine other cytochrome P-450 mediated oxidations show only minor differences. Mixing experiments with whole liver homogenates and subcellular fractionations do not reveal the presence of enzyme activators or inhibitors or competing enzyme reactions in either strain. Comparisons of pH optima (pH 7.6), heat stability at 52 degrees C (6 to 8 min for 50% inactivation), and Km values (0.45 to 0.50 microM coumarin) for coumarin hydroxylase show no significant differences in the two strains of mice or their F1 hybrid. Similarly, only minor differences in inhibition of coumarin hydroxylase by carbon monoxide, SKF-525A, menadione, and several other inhibitors of microsomal mixed function oxidase reactions are observed in the two strains. In contrast to these data, aniline and metyrapone, two compounds which bind to the heme iron of cytochrome P-450 to form ferrihemochromes, show differential and opposite patterns of inhibition of enzyme activity in the DBA/2J and AKR/J mouse strains. This latter observation suggests that a structurally different cytochrome P-450 may hydroxylate coumarin in these two inbred mouse strains.[1]


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