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Identity of C3- and C5-receptors on lymphoid cells.

Tannic acid-treated SRBC, incubated with increasing concentrations of C5 (Etan-C5) can be attached to C3 receptor-carrying (Raji) cells. This binding is dependent on the amount of C5 on Etan-C5 and can be inhibited by pretreatment on the Raji cells with either C5 or C3. Similar inhibition by soluble C3 and C5, respectively, is obtained for the interaction between Raji cells and Etan-C3. In addition, the immune adherence reaction between Ehum and EAC1423b could be blocked by previous treatment of Ehum with C5 or C3. These results suggest the presence of binding sites for C5 on lymphoid cells and their identity with C3 receptors.[1]


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