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A case of meglumine iodipamide hepatotoxicity.

There have been only two reports of severe hepatotoxic reaction caused by meglumine iodipamide. Lately we experienced such a reaction in an 66-year old female with chronic intrahepatic cholestasis. After drip infusion cholangiography was performed by infusing 40 ml. of 50% meglumine iodipamide (Biligrafin) intravenously, the patient developed nausea and abdominal pain. Her serum transaminase rose to more than 2,000 K-A units on the third day and gradually returned to normal by the 18th day. The macrophage migration inhibition test of her blood was positive for meglumine iodipamide. Accordingly some delayed type of hypersensitivity in the above reaction could be considered. When a larger amount than a recommended dose of meglumine iodipamide is infused in cholangiography, a severe hepatotoxic reaction might be induced, especially in icteric cases.[1]


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