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Serum vitamin B 12 and folic acid levels in patients with fasciolopsiasis.

Serum vitamin B12, serum and red cell folate concentrations and vitamin B12 absorption were studied in 100 patients with fasciolopsiasis. A mean value of serum vitamin B12 level in the patient group was found to be significantly lower than that of normal subjects and 14% of these patients had serum vitamin B12 level less than 100 pg/ml. Serum UBBC and TBBC levels in the patients were significantly higher than those of the normal subjects. Serum TCI and TCIII increased significantly while TCII decreased. Vitamin B12 absorption was found to be impaired in 3 of 9 patients studied. There was no relationship seen between serum vitamin B12 level and vitamin B12 absorption. The mean values of serum folate and red cell folate levels in the patient group were significantly lower than those of normal subjects. Fifteen of 100 patients (15%) had serum folate level less than 3 ng/ml, while all of them had red cell folate higher than 100 ng/ml. Serum folic acid binding protein levels (FABP) in these patients, were not significantly different from those of normal subjects.[1]


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