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Specific inhibition of capped mRNA translation in vitro by m7G5'pppp5'G and m7G5'pppp5'm7G.

A unique set of diguanosine cap analogues containing a 5'-5' tetraphosphate linkage instead of the normal triphosphate was synthesized by chemical methylation of G5'pppp5'G. Both 7-methylguanosine products, m7G5'pppp5'G and m7G5'pppp5'm7G, acted as potent inhibitors of capped brome mosaic virus (BMV) RNA translation in the homologous wheat germ protein synthesis system. Inhibition of in vitro protein synthesis required the presence of the 7-methyl group on guanosine and was specific for capped mRNA. In comparison with the partial cap analogue, m7GTP, the methylated diguanosine tetraphosphate structures were 25-50 fold more potent inhibitors of in vitro protein synthesis. Analysis of the in vitro translation products of the four species of BMV RNA showed a differential sensitivity to inhibition by m7G5'pppp5'm7G.[1]


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