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Effects of aspirin and dipyridamole on platelet function, hematology, and blood chemistry of saturation divers.

Twenty-four young male divers were assigned randomly to 4 treatment groups: Group I received aspirin (325 mg) three times daily; II received dipyridamole (75 mg) three times daily; III received both drug regimens; and IV received matching placebo. Double-blind procedures were followed. Treatment began 24 h prior to a 48-h saturation dive (inclusive of 17 h decompression) at a simulated depth of 18.3 m and continued throughout and for 3 days after the dive. A post-dive reduction in circulating platelet count was observed in all groups, except the group that received aspirin only. Platelet survival was shortened in all treatment groups. Five cases of Type I decompression sickness occurred and were treated by recompression, two in the aspirin plus dipyridamole group, two in the dipyridamole group, and one in the placebo group. Blood chemistry and hematology profiles showed that divers with decompression sickness had more elevated GOT, GPT, CPK, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and greater reductions in platelet count, Platelet Factor 4 and Thrombin Clotting Time than most other subjects. Subjects receiving either aspirin or aspirin plus dipyridamole had fewer changes in these parameters. Failure of aspirin to potentiate, or add to, dipyridamole may be due to other actions of aspirin such as inhibition of prostacyclin synthesis. Further studies of the role of antiplatelet drugs in decompression sickness are warranted.[1]


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