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Animal health survey of cattle for the Bombali region, Sierra Leone, 1977.

The results are presented of an animal health survey of cattle in the Bombali Region in Northern Sierra Leone between Feb 14 and June 30, 1977. 2009 faecal samples were found to contain 19 cases of liver fluke infestation (0.94%), 1648 cases of hook and round worms (82.03%), 162 cases of type worms (8.06%), and 964 cases of coccidiosis (47.98%). 110 blood and milk samples were found to contain 29 positive cases of brucellosis (26.36%). 1644 cattle were examined for blood parasites. Babesiosis was found in 30 cases (1.82%), anaplasmosis in 1 case (0.06%), and trypanosomiasis in 4 cases (0.24%). The need is stressed to continue such investigations.[1]


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