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Disease relevance of Trypanosomiasis


High impact information on Trypanosomiasis


Chemical compound and disease context of Trypanosomiasis


Biological context of Trypanosomiasis


Anatomical context of Trypanosomiasis


Gene context of Trypanosomiasis

  • Mapping in the AILs also resolved the Tir3 locus into three trypanosomiasis resistance QTLs, revealing a degree of complexity not evident in extensive studies at the F(2) level [21].
  • These results are important for future cytokine and trypanosomiasis pathology studies, because the interplay between TNF and the soluble receptors it sheds has not been considered in either human clinical sleeping sickness studies or in veterinary trypanosomiasis research [22].
  • Drug-induced modulation of IL-2 production in experimental murine trypanosomiasis [23].
  • Thus, we propose a role for OpdB in peptide hormone dysregulation in trypanosomiasis, specifically in generating the depressed plasma levels of ANF in mammals infected with T. evansi [24].
  • Molecular identity and location of invariant antigens on Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense defined with monoclonal antibodies reactive with sera from trypanosomiasis patients [25].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Trypanosomiasis


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