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Simian sarcoma virus transformation-specific glycopeptide: immunological relationship to human platelet-derived growth factor.

The simian sarcoma virus transformation-specific glycopeptide (SSV-TrSgp) represents a proteoglycan which is released from SSV-transformed cells and can be detected by an autologous goat serum against SSV nonproducer cells (SSV-NP serum) (H.-J. Thiel, R. Hafenrichter, and B. Gregor, 1984, Virology 134, 138-147). This antiserum has now been shown to react also with human platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF). Antiserum to PDGF precipitated a glycosylated molecule from the tissue culture supernatant of SSV-NP cells. The respective antigen was identified as the SSV-TrSgp (after immunoprecipitation including enzymatic treatment with chondroitinases). The anti-SSV-TrSgp reactivity of both the anti-PDGF serum and the SSV-NP serum could be absorbed by pure PDGF. Therefore, the SSV-TrSgp is apparently immunologically related to human PDGF. Additional studies indicated that the SSV-TrSgp protein backbone and PDGF have very similar molecular weights.[1]


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