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Effect of gossypol-acetic acid on calcium transport and ATPase activity in plasma membranes from ram and bull spermatozoa.

The effects of gossypol acetic acid on the activity of Mg-ATPase and Ca-Mg-ATPase and on calcium uptake by plasma membranes from ram and bull spermatozoa were examined. The three parameters were almost completely inhibited by 10 microM gossypol for both ram and bull sperm. In order to assess the effects of higher gossypol concentrations isolated membrane vesicles were loaded with calcium by operating the ATP-dependent calcium pump after which gossypol was added and calcium uptake followed. At 10 microM gossypol, additional calcium uptake was 85% inhibited while at 40 microM a release of the accumulated calcium was observed. The inhibitory effect of 10 microM gossypol was almost completely reversible by simple dilution of gossypol-treated membranes, whilst at 40 microM the effect was only 50% reversible. The data show a high degree of similarity between bull and ram, suggesting minimal differences between the two species as far as the structure and function of the sperm plasma membrane is concerned.[1]


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