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Analysis of the effect of amines on inhibition of receptor-mediated and fluid-phase pinocytosis in rabbit alveolar macrophages.

Incubation of rabbit alveolar macrophages in vitro with methyl amine led to a time- and concentration-dependent inhibition of uptake of alpha macroglobulin-125I-trypsin complexes (alpha M-125I-T). Upon addition of methyl amine (50 mM) to cells prelabeled with alpha M-125I-T there was a rapid inhibition of lysosomal catabolism of internalized ligand. In the absence of ligand, incubation of cells with 50 mM methyl amine led to a 40-70% decrease in surface-receptor number. The methyl amine-induced decrease in surface-receptor number only occurred in metabolically active cells since cells incubated at 0 degrees C, or treated with N-ethyl maleimide and incubated at 37 degrees C, did not show the effect. Incubation of cells at 37 degrees C with methyl amine also effected a 40-70% decrease in fluid-phase pinocytosis. Although there was a decline in surface-receptor number, the remaining population of receptors were capable of mediating (at least) one round of ligand internalization. However, further ligand uptake was prevented. Data demonstrate that although receptors were present on cell surfaces, they were incapable of mediating ligand internalization. Incubation of macrophages with chloroquine at 37 degrees C for 60 min also led to a disappearance of receptors, and a concomitant reduction in fluid-phase pinocytosis.[1]


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