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In vitro synthesis and processing of a precursor to ornithine aminotransferase.

Poly(A)+ RNA was isolated from liver-free polysomes of rats maintained on a 60% casein diet by sodium dodecyl sulfate-phenol-chloroform extraction and oligo(dT)-cellulose chromatography. Poly(A)+ RNA translated in a rabbit reticulocyte lysate system produced a polypeptide of 49,000 daltons that was immunoprecipitated by monospecific, affinity-purified IgG antibodies to ornithine aminotransferase (ornithine-oxo acid aminotransferase, EC This polypeptide is 6,000 daltons larger than mature ornithine aminotransferase when electrophoresed on sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gels. One-dimensional peptide mapping demonstrated that this 49,000-dalton polypeptide is structurally related to ornithine aminotransferase. Furthermore, it can be processed to a polypeptide of 43,000 daltons by a rat liver mitochondrial fraction. We have concluded that this polypeptide is a precursor to ornithine aminotransferase.[1]


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