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Function and structure of the nasal mucosa after 6 weeks' use of nose-drops.

The nasal mucosa of 20 healthy subjects were examined before, during and after 6 weeks of regular use of xylometazoline nose-drops (1 mg/ml) 0.15 ml three times daily. The subjects, except those affected by common colds, did not suffer any diminished mucociliar function during or after the trial. The surface structures were not found to have changed when examined with scanning electron microscopy. No morphological changes were observed in the intercellular space, basal membrane or tunica propria when using transmission electron microscopy. During the test period 5 of the subjects developed upper respiratory infections which temporarily prolonged the mucociliar transport time tested with small particles of saccharin. In some of these subjects a reduction in the number of ciliated cells was observed as well as an inflammatory reaction close to the epithelial cells. It is concluded that the use of xylometazoline over a 6-week period does not provoke any major functional or structural changes in a normal nasal mucosa.[1]


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