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Effects of iontophoretically released peptides on primate spinothalamic tract cells.

The peptides substance P (SP), methionine-enkephalin (M-ENK), leucine-enkephalin (L-ENK), and cholecystokinin ( CCK) were released iontophoretically near spinothalamic tract (STT) cells in anesthetized monkeys and STT-like cells in decorticate, spinalized monkeys. Peptide effects were observed on background discharges, firing induced by release of glutamate, and activity evoked by pinching the skin. SP could have any of several actions on STT cells, including excitation, inhibition, or biphasic effects. Multiple effects often resulted while recording from an individual cell when the dose or the electrode position was changed. M-ENK and L-ENK generally inhibited STT cells, and in some cases it was possible to demonstrate a reversal of the inhibition by naloxone. CCK also caused an inhibition that was additive with that produced by L-ENK. The multiple actions of SP on STT cells suggests the possibility that there may be more than one type of SP receptor on STT cells, although alternative explanations should be considered. Inhibition of STT cells by M- and L-ENK is consistent with the known analgesic action of opiates through spinal cord mechanisms. CCK has an action on STT cells similar to that of the enkephalins.[1]


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