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Bunyavirus nucleoprotein, N, and a non-structural protein, NSS, are coded by overlapping reading frames in the S RNA.

It has been shown previously, by sequence analysis of the S RNA segment of snowshoe hare (SSH) bunyavirus, that two overlapping open reading frames in the viral complementary sequence code for proteins with molecular weights of 26.8 X 10(3) and 10.5 X 10(3) respectively. In addition to the viral nucleocapsid (N) protein, which is coded by the S RNA, analyses of parental and reassortant bunyavirus-infected cell extracts have shown that the viral S RNA and M RNA species each code for non-structural proteins (NSS and NSM, respectively). In the present report, in vitro translation analyses of the S mRNA species recovered from virus-infected cells indicate that a single size class of mRNA directs the synthesis of N and NSS. Compositional analyses of selected tryptic peptides of N and NSS have provided proof that N is the product of the first open reading frame, and NSS the product of the second.[1]


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