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Detection of heterozygotes for congenital adrenal hyperplasia: 21-hydroxylase deficiency-a comparison of HLA typing and 17-OH progesterone response to ACTH infusion.

We have studied nine families in which at least one member has congenital adrenal hyperplasia, to compare the predictive value of HLA typing and the 17-hydroxy progesterone response to ACTH as methods for detection of heterozygotes. In each of six families, two children were affected and were HLA genotypically identical. None of the unaffected siblings were HLA identical with their affected siblings. When the 17-OHP response to ACTH and the HLA haplotypes of parents and unaffected siblings were compared, there was a 79% concordance for identification of heterozygotes. Two siblings were carriers according to HLA typing, but had normal 17-OHP responses consistent with the carrier state. Three individuals with recombinations involving the HLA region of chromosome number 6 were detected. Analysis of these recombinant individuals provided additional evidence suggesting that the 21-OH degrees gene is closely associated with the B-locus of HLA. When an affected individual has been identified, HLA typing is a direct and reliable method for determining the carrier state among family members.[1]


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