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Carrier State

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Disease relevance of Carrier State


High impact information on Carrier State


Chemical compound and disease context of Carrier State


Biological context of Carrier State

  • Unique point mutations were documented to be specifically associated with the disease and the carrier state in four unrelated affected males and their family members: one in a boy with no detectable IL2RG mRNA, in which the mutation ablated a splice donor site; one causing premature chain termination; and two causing distinct amino acid changes [16].
  • For this reason, we undertook to further differentiate the T235 carrier state by constructing haplotypes with alleles in the 5' upstream region of AGT [17].
  • In summary, using a haplotype to differentiate further the T235 carrier state, we observed an association of genotype with serum angiotensinogen level and blood pressure in blacks and whites [17].
  • This result implies temporal or differentiation coupling between MVMi cycle and neuroblast morphogenesis, since proliferative granules of the EGL should primarily be infected but must migrate in a virus carrier state into the IGL in order to express the capsid proteins [18].
  • Kinetics of infection in 129S6 mice and Slc11a1-deficient (129S6-Slc11a1(tm1Mcg)) mice demonstrated that the wild-type allele of Slc11a1 contributed to the S. enterica serovar Enteritidis carrier state as early as 7 days postinfection [19].

Anatomical context of Carrier State


Associations of Carrier State with chemical compounds


Gene context of Carrier State

  • In a subgroup of patients with TTP or HUS, the ADAMTS13 defect was inherited, as documented by half-normal levels of ADAMTS13 in their asymptomatic parents, consistent with the heterozygous carrier state [30].
  • The MAPT H1 frequency tended to be higher in AD cases with AGD than in those without AGD, but there were no differences in APOE epsilon4 carrier state [31].
  • RESULTS: A G-->T nucleotide change at position 238 in exon 3 of the RPGR gene resulting in a putative substitute of Gly-->Val at codon 60 was shown to segregate with RP in affected males and the carrier state in female heterozygotes in these two families [32].
  • Thirty-five members of a Spanish family with X-linked RP were evaluated by linkage analysis using nine polymorphic markers (CYBB, DXS1110, M6, DXS6679, DXS1068, DXS1058, MAOA, MAOB and DXS6849) that map to the X-chromosome region Xp21.1 to Xp11.3, in an attempt to determine the carrier state of these females at risk [33].
  • The especially frequent carrier state among the Ashkenazi Jewish population coupled with the high prevalence of BRCA1 and BRCA2 in the same population has led us to search for coinheritance affecting the potential for cancer development [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Carrier State


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