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Nonenzymatic hydroxylations of proline and lysine by reduced oxygen derivatives.

The biosynthesis of trans-3- and trans-4-hydroxyprolines and 5-hydroxylysine in animal cells requires polypeptide proline or lysine, enzymes and cofactors including iron, and possibly involves peroxidatic intermediates. Several laboratories have reported the presence of low-molecular-weight hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine peptides in cell and organ cultures. We found that these small peptides contained the trans-3 and cis-4 isomers of hydroxyproline as well as trans-4 ones and that their production was not completely inhibited by alpha, alpha-dipyridyl, and iron chelator and effective inhibitor of enzyme-mediated hydroxylations. It is known that oxygen or hydrogen peroxide in the presence of metal can hydroxylate proline and other aromatic compounds. We show here that reduced oxygen derivatives can hydroxylate both free and polypeptide-bound proline and lysine, and that scavengers of hydroxyl radicals suppress, but do not completely inhibit, this reaction. Reduced oxygen derivatives can be generated in normal and pathological circumstances, and some of the low-molecular-weight hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine peptides found in cell and organ cultures might be derived from these derivatives and therefore do not reflect collagen turnover, but rather some other cellular activity.[1]


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