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The zinc iodide-osmium tetroxide (ZIO) reaction on nerve endings in the median eminence of the rat under normal and experimental conditions.

The reaction of nerve endings in the median eminence of the rat to zinc iodide-osmium tetroxide (ZIO) staining was examined electron microscopically under normal and experimental conditions. The experimental condition of catecholamine exhaustion in the nerve endings was induced by the administration of H44/68 and reserpine. Vesicles in the terminals of catecholaminergic nerves reacted similarly to ZIO staining in both normal and experimental material. The majority of synaptic vesicles in various terminals gave a positive ZIO reaction. The neurosecretory elementary granules, however, failed to react with ZIO. On the other hand, some nerve terminals in the external layer of the median eminence showed a strong positive reaction in the cytoplasmic matrix, in mitochondria as well as in synaptic vesicles. These findings strongly suggest that the ZIO-positive substance in nerve terminals is not the transmitter itself, i.e. the monoamine, but rather represents a range of substances commonly found in various kinds of synaptic vesicles and is probably proteinaceous in nature. A brief discussion is also given on the difference in ZIO reactivity between neurosecretory elementary granules and small vesicles in the hypothalamo-hypophyseal tract.[1]


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