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Inhibition of bluetongue and Colorado tick fever orbiviruses by selected antiviral substances.

The effects of four ribonucleic acid virus inhibitors were evaluated in cell cultures and in mice to determine inhibitory effects against bluetongue virus and Colorado tick fever virus (CTFV). Test compounds included 1-beta-D-ribofuranosyl-1,2,4-triazole-3-carboxamide (ribavirin), 3-deazaguanine, 3-deazauridine, and 9-(S)-(2,3-dihydroxypropyl)adenine. Ribavirin-2',3',5'-triacetate (ribavirin triacetate) was evaluated in vivo against CTFV. Inhibition of cytopathic effect and plaque reduction were used to evaluate antiviral activity. In cytopathic effect inhibition studies, bluetongue virus was markedly inhibited by 3-deazaguanine and 3-deazauridine in Vero cells with moderate inhibition by the other agents. Ribavirin and 3-deazaguanine markedly inhibited CTFV in MA-104 cells, 3-deazauridine was slightly less active, and 9-(S)-(2,3-dihydroxypropyl)adenine was negative. Ribavirin was less effective in Vero cells against CTFV. When mice were inoculated intracerebrally with CTFV and treated by a single intracerebral injection with drug, ribavirin triacetate increased the number of survivors, 3-deazaguanine increased mean survival time, and ribavirin was negative. Intraperitoneal treatment of infected mice with ribavirin triacetate for 1 week significantly increased the number of survivors and mean survival time, providing strong evidence that the agent is active across the blood-brain barrier.[1]


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