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Primary empty sella syndrome, ACTH hypersecretion, and normal adrenocortical function. Report of two cases.

Although the primary empty sella syndrome (PESS) is associated with normal endocrine function or subtle pituitary insufficiency, pituitary hormone hypersecretion associated with PESS has also been recognized. ACTH hypersecretion and primary empty sella syndrome have previously been reported in patients with either Cushing's disease or Addison's disease. This report describes two unique patients with ACTH hypersecretion, primary empty sella syndrome, and normal cortisol dynamics. The investigators speculate that this association may have resulted from infarction of hyperplastic adenohypophyseal corticotrophes due to production of an ACTH peptide with reduced biologic activity. These two cases emphasize that primary empty sella syndrome may be associated with ACTH hypersecretion and normal adrenocortical function.[1]


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