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Complementary DNA copies of leukemia and sarcoma virus RNA contain sequences of deoxycytidylate and deoxyguanylate.

Single-stranded complementary DNA (cDNA) of the RNA of Gazdar murine sarcoma virus, Gz-MSV/MuLV; Moloney murine leukemia virus, M-MuLV; mouse mammary tumor virus, MMTV; and simian sarcoma virus, SSV-1, were synthesized in endogenous reverse transcriptase reaction. Gz- MSV/MuLV cDNA was also synthesized in exogenous in vitro reverse transcriptase reactions. In the endogenous reaction, 30-35S, or 6.0- to 7.9-kilobase-length cDNA transcripts were synthesized in high yield. In comparison, transcripts synthesized in exogenous reactions were 6.7S, or 0.39 kilobases. The complementarity of the transcripts was verified by both RNA/DNA hybridization and protection studies. dG and dC sequences were detected in 50-77% of the cDNA molecules by affinity chromatography, by annealing and masking studies, and by resistance to S1 nuclease. dT and dA sequences were not detected in the transcripts. These findings are discussed in relation to the possible selective blocking of transcription of retrovirus genes without interfering significantly with the transcription of cellular genes.[1]


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