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Ross River virus 26 s RNA: complete nucleotide sequence and deduced sequence of the encoded structural proteins.

The complete sequence of the 26 S RNA of Ross River virus (T48 strain) has been obtained and from this the amino acid sequences of the encoded structural proteins have been deduced. These include a basic capsid protein and two envelope glycoproteins. The nucleotide sequence was obtained by chemical sequence analysis of both single-stranded and double-stranded cDNA made to RNA and the sequence data so obtained was rapidly aligned by making use of the protein homology found among the alphaviruses. The polyprotein precursor encoded by the 26 S RNA of Ross River virus is 75% homologous to that of Semliki Forest virus and 48% homologous to that of Sindbis virus. The extent of homology is not uniform within a protein or between proteins and this is discussed with respect to the possible function of the various polypeptide domains in the virus life cycle. In each case the putative attachment site of the amino proximal carbohydrate chains of the three glycoproteins is conserved, whereas the attachment site of a second chain, if present, is not conserved. The 3'-untranslated region of Ross River virus RNA is 524 nucleotides long. It contains a sequence of about 50 nucleotides in length which is present in four copies but which is not shared with other alphaviruses examined.[1]


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