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Testicular arterial perfusion in varicocele: the role of rapid sequence scintigraphy with technetium in varicocele evaluation.

Rapid sequence scintigraphy was used to study testicular arterial perfusion and venous stasis in 53 patients with varicocele-associated infertility, 17 with idiopathic testicular failure and 9 treated for varicocele. Arterial blood supply to the diseased testicle was decreased in 63 per cent of the patients with subclinical or low grade varicocele compared to 18 per cent with idiopathic testicular failure. In the majority of cases the disturbance of perfusion disappeared immediately after interruption of retrograde blood flow in the internal spermatic vein by transcatheter embolization, whereas persistently impaired perfusion was found in a few cases with no improvement of semen quality after treatment. Venous stasis was found in only 18 per cent of the patients with low grade varicocele compared to 88 per cent with large varicoceles. It is suggested that impaired arterial blood supply rather than venous stasis is the pathogenic factor in epididymo-testicular dysfunction associated with low grade varicocele.[1]


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