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  • Sperm SHBG levels were lowest in fertile men and highest in patients with untreated varicocele, but these differences were not significant [7].
  • To examine oxidative damage to blood proteins in the spermatic vein and seminal plasma antioxidant capacity of patients with varicocele, 30 young male patients with varicocele (group 1), 25 young male patients with subclinical varicocele (group 2), and 15 normal young males without varicocele (group 3) were recruited in this study [8].
  • Oxidative damage to proteins and decrease of antioxidant capacity in patients with varicocele [8].
  • We therefore evaluated the effects of alpha-human ANP (hANP) administration on testosterone plasma levels in peripheral and internal spermatic venous blood of young men (catheterized for contrast study of varicocele) [9].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Microsurgical repair of varicoceles using isosulfan blue helps in identifying and preserving the lymphatic drainage [10].

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