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2',5'-Oligoadenylate trimer core and the cordycepin analog augment the tumoricidal activity of human natural killer cells.

Interferon ( IFN) augments the lytic activity of natural killer (NK) cells, inhibits the transformation of human peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) by Epstein Barr virus (EBV), and induces a 2',5'-oligoadenylate (2',5'-An) synthetase. Exogenous 2',5'-An by itself can inhibit the transformation of human PBL by EBV. The present studies report that 2',5'-An and its cordycepin analog also augmented the tumoricidal activity of human NK cells. Incubation of nylon wool-passed PBL for 1 to 2 hr with the 5'-dephosphorylated core trimer of 2',5'-An boosted natural killing of tumor target cells modestly, but consistently. The cordycepin analog (3'-deoxyadenylate) also augmented NK activity. The optimal concentration both of 2',5'-A3 core and of 2',5'-3'dA3 core was 50 microM, and the optimal time for this effect was 2 hr of treatment. Kinetic analysis revealed that 2',5'-A3 core increased the lytic rate of NK cells by about one-third. This increase was due to an even greater increase (about 50%) in the lytic activity of individual NK cells, coupled with a slight decrease in the number of actual NK effector cells. In contrast, 3',5'-A3 core did not increase NK activity even at 300 microM, at which point it was toxic. In addition, to rule out a pro-drug effect as the basis for the boosting of NK activity by 2',5'-A3 core and by 2',5'-3'dA3 core, the effect of adenosine and cordycepin monomers on NK activity was tested. Neither adenosine nor cordycepin, tested at 150 microM (three times the optimal concentration of the trimer cores), boosted NK activity. The addition of 2'-deoxycoformycin (2 microM) had no effect on the actions of adenosine and cordycepin monomers. The data presented here demonstrate that 2',5'-A3 core and its analog 2',5'-3'dA3 core have another IFN-like action, augmentation of NK activity, in addition to inhibiting EBV-induced transformation.[1]


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