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Effect of suppressors of SOS-mediated filamentation on sfiA operon expression in Escherichia coli.

In Escherichia coli, the cell division block observed during the SOS response requires the product of the sfiA gene, whose expression is regulated negatively by the LexA repressor and positively by the RecA protease. We have studied the effect on sfiA expression of sfiA, sfiB, infA, and infB mutations, which are known to affect SOS-associated filamentation. To measure sfiA expression in the different strains, we first constructed a lambda transducing phage carrying an sfiA::lac operon fusion. Mutations at the sfiA locus (dominant and recessive) and the sfiB locus (recessive) had no effect on sfiA expression. The mutations tif (at the recA locus) and tsl (at the lexA locus) are known to induce filamentation and a high level of sfiA expression at 42 degrees C. The infB1 mutation, which suppresses filamentation in a tif tsl strain at 42 degrees C, reduced sfiA expression at 42 degrees C in tif tsl infB1 and tsl infB1 strains but not in a tif infB1 strain. The infA3 mutation, which suppresses tif-mediated filamentation, reduced induction of sfiA expression in a tif infA3 strain at 42 degrees C or after UV irradiation. The isolation and characterization of sfiA constitutive strains revealed only lexA- linked mutations in a sfiA-background, suggesting that LexA is the only readily eliminated repressor of the sfiA gene. Nevertheless, the infA and infB mutations could define elements involved in the regulation of sfiA expression.[1]


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