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The influence of riboflavin deficiency on Plasmodium berghei infection in rats.

Two experiments were done in which rats in various stages of riboflavin deficiency were infected with Plasmodium berghei. Various control groups were included to compare the influence of food restriction on the P. berghei infection with that of riboflavin deficiency, namely, pair-fed (PF), weight-matched (WM) and ad libitum-fed (C-AL) control groups. Riboflavin deficiency depressed maximum parasite counts by comparison with all control groups and the degree of depression was inversely related to the riboflavin status. Survival of animals with P. berghei infection was approximately 10 to 14 days and was not significantly influenced by any of the dietary regimens. Two possible mechanisms by which riboflavin deficiency might influence the growth and multiplication of P. berghei are discussed, namely, a depression of reticulocytosis and an effect on the synthesis of reduced glutathione in the parasite or red blood cell.[1]


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