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Metabolic alkalosis in diabetic ketosis: a case report.

A mixed metabolic alkalosis and metabolic acidosis, resulting in an alkalemic state, occurred in a hyperlipemic patient with previously diagnosed non insulin dependent diabetes. The metabolic alkalosis, due to large loss of gastric HCl, was more severe than the diabetic acidosis and resulted in an alkaline blood pH. Initially the metabolic acidosis was due to ketoacidosis and coexistent lactic acidosis. During the improvement of the alkalemic and hyperglycemic state, lactic acidosis disappeared but a paradoxical rise of plasma NEFA and ketone body concentrations supervened so that the high anion gap metabolic acidosis was virtually unchanged. The rise of plasma NEFA was probably related to the marked removal of plasma triglycerides, by insulin activation of lipoprotein lipase, and consequent saturation of the pathways of fatty acid incorporation into adipose tissue.[1]


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