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Possible involvement of a calcium-stimulated ATP-hydrolyzing activity associated with mycobacteriophage I3 in the DNA injection process.

Ca2+ ions are necessary for the successful propagation of mycobacteriophage I3. An assay for the phage DNA release in the presence of an isolated cell wall preparation from the host was established, and in this system Ca2+ ions also stimulated the release of DNA. The inhibition of phage DNA injection caused by Tween 80 (polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate), a nonionic detergent routinely used in mycobacterial cultures, was reversed by Ca2+. The presence of a phage-associated ATP-hydrolyzing activity was demonstrated. This enzyme was stimulated by Ca2+ ions and inhibited by Tween 80. From this and the behavior of the two agents at the level of DNA injection, as well as the fact that phage I3 has a contractile tail structure, we conclude that the phage-associated ATPase is involved in the DNA injection process.[1]


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