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Management of the ear canal seborrhea with cerumen.

For the past 20 years, the author has been treating recurrent chronic seborrheic dermatitis with a suspension of human cerumen in glycerine. The cerumen is obtained from healthy children and young adults in which there is an over-production which requires removal. If the cerumen contains debris it is not used. The collected cerumen is suspended in 50% glycerine and left for several weeks to sterilize. It is then strained through a fine filter having been heated so that its is workable. The material is dispensed to the patient in a small dropper bottle and the patient is instructed to place two drops in the external ear canal once a week. The chronicity of seborrheic dermatitis must be explained carefully to the patient and the necessity for avoiding water, cosmetics and other materials must be stressed. The patient must be made aware that the cause of the condition is unknown and that periodic inspection of the ear canal is necessary in addition to the topical application of the cerumen suspension.[1]


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