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Dermatitis, Seborrheic

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Disease relevance of Dermatitis, Seborrheic


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Chemical compound and disease context of Dermatitis, Seborrheic


Gene context of Dermatitis, Seborrheic

  • IL-2/TP was significantly increased (P = 0.01) and IFN-gamma and NO significantly decreased (P = 0.05) in the seborrheic dermatitis scalp samples compared to normal controls [15].
  • The TNF-alpha/TP levels recovered from dandruff scalps were significantly higher (P = 0.02) than levels recovered from seborrheic dermatitis and normal scalp subjects [15].
  • The scalp levels of IL-1ra/TP and the ratio of IL-ra to IL-1alpha were significantly (P = 0.002) or directionally (P = 0.07) higher in seborrheic dermatitis scalps and dandruff scalps, respectively, compared to normal scalps [15].
  • Blood levels of vitamin E, polyunsaturated fatty acids of phospholipids, lipoperoxides and glutathione peroxidase in patients affected with seborrheic dermatitis [16].
  • A similar improvement in skin condition (acne, seborrhea) was observed in women receiving EE/DRSP or ethinylestradiol 35microg/cyproterone acetate 2mg in a randomized, double-blind trial [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dermatitis, Seborrheic


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