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Baroreceptor involvement in classically conditioned heart rate responses of restrained rats.

A group (N = 8) of restrained, baroreceptor denervated rats and a sham-operated-control group (n = 8) received discriminated classical conditioning consisting of 30 reinforced trials in which a CS+ was paired with an electric shock US and 30 non-reinforced trials in which a different CS (CS-) was presented alone. The control group displayed a decelerative heart rate CR and a biphasic pressor-depressor blood pressure CR. The denervated group failed to show a heart rate CR but did show a pressor-only blood pressure CR. The URs of the denervated group consisted of a major depressor change in blood pressure and a slight tachycardia whereas the URs of the control group consisted of a slight pressor response and tachycardia. The results indicated that centrally initiated activity in the efferent vagal pathways mediating the decelerative HR CR in rats may be blocked by the absence of normal afferent baroreceptor neural discharge. An integrating role of baroreceptor input was also suggested for the URs.[1]


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