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Lipid peroxidation and copper toxicity in rats.

Pentane production was used as an index of lipid peroxidation in male rats fed either 0 or 1000 ppm copper in diets with and without vitamin E. Pentane production by vitamin E-deficient rats not fed copper was greater than that by vitamin E-supplemented rats not fed copper. Pentane production was low by all groups of rats. Copper-fed, vitamin E-deficient and vitamin E-supplemented rats produced more pentane than did respective controls not fed copper. After 9 weeks of feeding the diets, more pentane was produced by vitamin E-deficient than by vitamin E-supplemented rats following intraperitoneal injection of 5 mg of copper/kg of body weight, and vitamin E-deficient rats fed copper produced 5-fold more pentane than did those not fed copper. Thiobarbituric acid-reactants were highest in blood, kidney and liver from copper-fed rats. Lipid-soluble fluorophores in spleen were lowest in vitamin E-supplemented rats not fed copper and highest in copper-fed, vitamin E-deficient rats.[1]


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