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L-carnitine therapy in isovaleric acidemia.

Isovaleric acidemia, resulting from isovaleryl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase deficiency, is associated with marked reduction of free carnitine in both plasma and urine. Fast atom bombardment-mass spectrometry, hydrolysis, and gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry have unequivocally identified the existence of isovalerylcarnitine, a new metabolite specific for this disorder. Administration of equimolar amounts of glycine or L-carnitine separately with leucine demonstrated that isovaleryl-coenzyme A is removed by supplemental L-carnitine in the form of isovalerylcarnitine as effectively as it is by glycine, in the form of isovalerylglycine. When L-carnitine is given alone, excretion of isovalerylglycine decreases in preference to enhanced excretion of isovalerylcarnitine and hippurate. Treatment with L-carnitine alone has proven effective in preventing further hospitalizations in a patient with this genetic disorder.[1]


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