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Effects of progestins and antiprogestins on mitochondria in uterine glandular cells in the rat. A quantitative investigation.

The administration of progesterone to ovariectomized rats induces an increase in the volume density (Vv) of the mitochondria and the appearance of giant mitochondria in the uterine glandular cells. This experimental model, including a stereological analysis, allowed us to investigate and quantify a direct effect of progesterone on a well-defined cellular structure without the intervention of estrogen in a priming phase. Synthetic compounds, promegestone, gestrinone and RU 38486, were tested in this model either in place of progesterone or simultaneously with progesterone. The potent progestomimetic activity of promegestone was confirmed by the proliferation of giant mitochondria and a high Vv value for the mitochondria, the two other compounds being inactive even at higher doses. At lower doses, gestrinone and RU 38486 partially inhibit the action of progesterone and at higher doses they both show a complete antagonist effect by preventing the development of the mitochondria.[1]


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