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Chemical Compound Review

Nemestran     (8S,13R,14S,17S)-13-ethyl-17- ethynyl-17...

Synonyms: Dimetrose, Tridomose, Dimetriose, Gestrigone, Gestrinona, ...
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Disease relevance of Dimetriose


Psychiatry related information on Dimetriose


High impact information on Dimetriose

  • Discovery, biosynthesis, and structure elucidation of metabolites of a doping agent and a direct analogue, tetrahydrogestrinone and gestrinone, using human hepatocytes [8].
  • Due to high structure similarity, both THG and gestrinone had an analogous in vitro metabolic pathway leading to successive addition of a hydroxyl and a beta-glucuronic acid at C-18 [8].
  • At 3 months of treatment, the endometria of the danazol-treated patients were more atrophic than those of the women who received gestrinone [1].
  • The ultrastructural investigation demonstrated complete involution of the cytoplasmic organelles with cytoplasmic collapse in glandular cells of patients treated with danazol, whereas in the gestrinone group degeneration phenomena were observed in both nucleus and cytoplasm [1].
  • THG was synthesized by hydrogenation of gestrinone and characterized by mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Dimetriose


Biological context of Dimetriose

  • OBJECTIVE: To study some of the metabolic effects of oral gestrinone on plasma lipoprotein risk markers for cardiovascular disease and on bone density, a risk marker for osteoporosis [13].
  • The common OR for pregnancy after ovulation suppression (MPA, gestrinone, or GnRH agonist) versus danazol was also nonsignificant: 1.07 [14].
  • The results of this study showed that gestrinone significantly inhibited macrophage phagocytosis at the concentrations of 10(-8), 3 x 10(-8) and 10(-7) M [15].
  • It is hypothesized that incomplete endometrial involution could be due to differences in gestrinone pharmacokinetics in individual patients, in the quality and/or quantity of endometrial cytosolic receptors for sex steroids, or in endocrine compensation to administration of the drug [16].
  • The histology and ultrastructure of small endometriotic lesions were studied in 19 patients before and after hormonal therapy with the anti-progesterone steroid R 2323 (Gestrinone) [17].

Anatomical context of Dimetriose


Associations of Dimetriose with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Dimetriose

  • The mean SHBG binding capacity in patients treated with danazol (400 mg/d, n = 7) and gestrinone (5 mg/week, n = 7) fell from 66.9 and 56.4 nmol/l to 36.1 and 28.1 nmol/l, after 1 week's treatment and to 11.1 and 7.1 nmol/l after 4 weeks respectively [21].
  • Gestrinone's more avid affinity for estrogen receptor may be the reason for the ability to use a lower clinical dose of gestrinone [11].
  • Gestrinone suppressed the 3 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity and increased activities of 17 alpha-hydroxylase, 17, 20-lyase and aromatase in ovaries stimulated by 5 IU of PMS, while MPA suppressed activities of 17 alpha-hydroxylase and aromatase in these ovaries [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dimetriose


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