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Control of fatty acid metabolism in ischemic and hypoxic hearts.

The effects of whole heart ischemia on fatty acid metabolism were studied in the isolated, perfused rat heart. A reduction in coronary flow and oxygen consumption resulted in lower rates of palmitate uptake and oxidation to CO2. This decrease in metabolic rate was associated with increased tissue levels of long chain acyl coenzyme A and long chain acylcarnitine. Cellular levels of acetyl-CoA, acetylcarnitine, free CoA, and free carnitine decreased. These changes in CoA and its acyl derivatives indicate that beta oxidation became the limiting step in fatty acid metabolism. The rate of beta oxidation was probably limited by high levels of NADH and FADH2 secondary to a reduced supply of oxygen. Tissue levels of neutral lipids showed a slight increase durning ischemia, but incorporation of [U-14C]palmitate into lipid was not altered significantly. Although both substrates for lipid synthesis were present in higher concentrations during ischemia, compartmentalization of long chain acyl-CoA in the mitochondrial matrix and alpha-glycerol phosphate in the cytosol may have accounted for the relatively low rate of lipid synthesis.[1]


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