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Sellar enlargement with hyperprolactinemia and a Rathke's pouch cyst.

A woman with secondary amenorrhea was found to have hyperprolactinemia without clinical galactorrhea. Radiological findings of an enlarged sella turcica with displacement of the pituitary stalk were considered consistent with a prolactin macroadenoma. Treatment with bromocriptine corrected the amenorrhea and hyperprolactinemia, and the patient inadvertently became pregnant. However, no complications to the mother or fetus occurred during pregnancy or postpartum. On transsphenoidal surgery three months postpartum, the unexpected presence of a large Rathke's pouch cyst with a microadenomatous or nodular hyperplasia type of prolactin-secreting tumor was observed to account for the preoperative clinical and radiological findings.[1]


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