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Biological context of Galactorrhea

  • After medical therapy normal menstruation continued, galactorrhea recurred intermittently, and the prolactin level rose again and remained in the approximately 36-micrograms/L range [16].
  • Plasma LH, FSH and prolactin secretory patterns were derived from the measurement of 20-min interval plasma samples obtained during a complete 24-h period in a patient with persistent postpartum amenorrhea and galactorrhea (Chiari-Frommel syndrome), before and after clomiphene citrate therapy [17].
  • To investigate these differences in PRL secretion, we have characterized the molecular forms of circulating PRL in postpartum women during breastfeeding (n = 5) and sleep (n = 5) and in eumenorrheic women with galactorrhea (n = 5) after TRH stimulation (n = 4), metaclopramide infusion (n = 5), and morphine administration (n = 2) [18].
  • Thirty infertile patients with ovulation defects and galactorrhea conceived after medical therapy: four after clomiphene stimulation (with or without hCG) and 26 after receiving CB-154 (2-Br-alpha-ergocryptine or bromergocryptine) [19].
  • Menses returned in 31 of 32 women and galactorrhea disappeared in 25 of 31 women with preoperative serum prolactin levels below 200 ng/ml; conversely, menses returned in only three of nine women and lactation ceased in one of six women with preoperative serum prolactin concentrations above 200 ng/ml [20].

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