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The tolerance and safety of azlocillin.

The safety of azlocillin was evaluated in 631 patients treated for urinary tract or systemic infections in U.S.A. clinical trials. The mean azlocillin dose was 260 mg/kg/day and the mean duration of treatment was 11.1 days. Twenty patients (3.2%) experienced adverse local reactions and 92 patients (14.6%) experienced adverse systemic reactions. In thirty-one instances (4.9%) they led to premature termination of therapy, but only 14 of 135 reactions were classified as severe. All adverse reactions were reversible if adequate follow-up was done. Hypersensitivity reactions, manifest by rash, fever or eosinophilia occurred in 4.4%, 0.3% and 1.1% respectively. Hypokalaemia was noted in only three instances (0.5%). Hepatotoxicity occurred in 1.7%, diarrhoea in 1.9% and leukopenia in 0.3%. Transient chest discomfort was seen on rapid infusion on three occasions. Overall, azlocillin appeared well tolerated, and had no evident unique toxicity.[1]


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