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Memory functions and prophylactic treatment with lithium.

Memory functions were examined in a group of 53 patients with affective disorders before commencing prophylactic lithium therapy and then after 4 and 12 months of lithium treatment. The memory tests administered were the 30 Figure Test, the 30 Word-Pair Test, the 30 Person-Data Test (these tests are included in the Cronholm-Molander test battery) and the 30 Face Test. Three scores were obtained : immediate memory score, delayed memory score and forgetting score. There were no statistical significant differences between these scores before lithium therapy or after 4 and 12 months, except for immediate and delayed memory on the Person-Data Test and the 30 Face Test which showed an increased score of memory functions. The results of this study support the view that long-term lithium treatment with serum levels of about 0.6 mmol/l does not induce memory disturbances.[1]


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