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Syngeneic antiserum to Nulli SCC1 embryonal carcinoma cells recognizing surface antigens of embryonic cells.

A syngeneic antiserum was prepared in mice against the nullipotent embryonal carcinoma cell line Nulli SCC1 to determine whether cell surface determinants are expressed commonly by this cell line and early embryos. After antibodies to calf serum components were removed from the antiserum by affinity purification, the antiserum was tested on preimplantation and 6 1/2-day postimplantation mouse embryos, embryonal carcinoma cells, tumor cells, and somatic cells. It recognizes antigens which are stage and tissue specific on early embryos and have a restricted distribution in adults. These antigens are first detected on 8-cell embryos and display a polarized distribution on blastomeres corresponding to the distribution on microvilli.[1]


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